Passive metal labels

Passive metal labels

Our Passive Metal Labels, which use UHF or HF RFId technologies, are very durable and they are perfect for extreme or special applications, due to their resistance, toughness and long-lasting performances.

Over the years, we were able to meet our customer’s needs with our innovative products which can be easily adapted to any situation.

Rotas metal RFId tags can be applied directly on a metal surface

Passive metal labels

They are available in:

  • Several kinds of housing
  • Durable adhesives
  • Cards with a 3mm thickness or more

The RFId Metal Passive Labels are available with the UHF RFId technology for long distance readings or with the HF and NFC technologies for short-range reading.

Application sectors

Logistics and shipping
Warehouse management
Flows management
Asset tracking
Electrical appliance


5 reasons to choose Rotas and our products for applications in harsh environment:

  • Instant long distance readings
  • Easily reading in extreme conditions
  • Multiple readings
  • Faster cargo loading and unloading
  • Readings directly from the forklift

Benefits of the product

  • The thickness of the rubber layer can be adapted to the customer’s need
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Customizable printing to satisfy the customer requests
  • UHF, HF or NFC technology are available

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