We produce disposable passive RFId Tags which are completely customizable, from the material to the inlay and from the shape to the pattern.

Many companies around the world are already using our products for the ticketing services of events, exhibitions, congress and conferences and they are also used in the public transport sector.


Application sectors

Access control
Conferences and fairs
Concerts and sport events
Tourism (campings, resorts, etc.)
Gates and car parks


5 good reasons to choose Rotas and our RFId products as your partner for the ticketing:

  • Hands-free system
  • Less checking time
  • Customizable tickets
  • Sensitive data safety
  • Better disposal of used tickets

How does it work?

The system automatically recognizes people when they go through the gate and it registers the operation (entrance or exit).  It is possible to know in real-time how many people and who have participated at an event, to track transits and attendances and to manage the data of the guests through a dedicated software, locally or on a main server.

The RFId Badge comes with a chip that allows the unique identification of the guest and it can be set up at the entrance or before the event.

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