UHF passive tags for furniture factories

Over the years, we have fulfilled the needs of improving the incoming and outgoing logistics of several furniture factories around the world with our passive RFId labels, specifically made to meet their needs.

The adaptability of our materials, shape, inlay and technologies allows us to develop the best product for your logistic requirements and so letting you do your job in a better way while reducing time and staff spent for it.

Through a software, it is possible to store all data and information of the furniture related to a specific UHF or HF label in real-time.

Manufacturing process and supply chain

By associating an element and a passive RFId tag on a database, it is possible to make a manual or automatic reading (RFId tunnel) of the tag at the end of each process it went through and so being able to see the information, related to that specific element, for the whole industrial process.


The UHF RFId adhesive labels we produce in Rotas can also be used on pallets. Their particular characteristics make them perfect to avoid missing pallets or having it being stolen due to the uninterrupted traceability and monitoring through RFId tunnels.

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