RFID Textile Tag

Sewable labels

Print and size of the textile tag are customizable. Customer can print variable data onto the label and program the RFID too.

The label consists in a non-adhesive, blank or printed RFID tag made of a flexible, soft and easy to sew material.

Textile tag are perfect to communicate extra data or messages for the purpose of logistics and anti-counterfeiting (traceability and clothes management). UHF label is available for remote reading while NFC for proximity reading.

Application sectors

Clothing and footwear
Textile sector
Accessories (bags, backpacks, luggages, etc.)
Asset tracking


  • Flexible, soft and easy to sew material
  • The customer can print variable data and program the RFID chip
  • UHF and NFC technology are available
  • Customizable printing to satisfy customer’s needs
  • Label can be used for anti-counterfeiting and/or logistics purpose such as tracking and clothing management

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