What is the RFID technology and why is it so important?

RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, is a technology which exploits radio frequency signals for the automatic identification.

The RFID system is made of:

  1. The Transponder: it is the electronic part of the label. It includes the chip which has an internal data storage and it is connected to an antenna
  2. The Reader: it is a tool to receive and read the information coming from the RFID labels
  3. Management system: it helps managing the information coming from the RFID tags

Some common applications of the RFID technology

Automatic payments (Telepass): this famous system works by employing an active RFID tag in the tool inside the vehicle which can send the information to the reader set at the toll booth.

Passport: more and more Countries are opting for the RFID technology for the newest passports. The chip can save all the information printed on a common passport and it can also save a digital photograph of the owner.

Animal identification: the RFID technology is used as a replacement to the ink stamp to track the livestock but it is also used for domestic pets.

Electronic tickets: Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Turin and Venice are now using an RFID system to manage payments on public transports.

Sport events: an increasing number of marathon, including those in Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles, are using passive RFID tags attached to the shoelace of the runners to support and help the time-keepers.

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